Oct 17, 2008


Just back home from the rugby. Well played Southland. The scoreline is not a true reflection of the game. But Wellington won, in the end.

Had been working late and was dressed in business attire. No time to change. Why work late on a Friday - because a number of companies are in real trouble. because their staff are in real trouble, and to cap it off there was a school awards thing on. All the work was for others.

While walking back after the rugby some little shit came up behind us and spat on one of our backs, and ran off laughing to the cheers of his equally gormless mates.

Why would someone do this, and why would anyone encourage this?

We can't go past Helen Clark and Michael Cullen and their neo-Marxism on this sorry. Comments like "rich pricks" and a culture of knocking the tall poppy manifest themselves in this way in wider society.

Is this society of hate what we want to continue? Or do we want change, to a society that celebrates excellence, that respects those who dig deep to help others, and that aspires to do better? Well we know what we want. Thanks for the failed nine years that have been squandered Helen and Michael. And enjoy your last few days in office.