Oct 30, 2008

Trans Tasman On The Neutron Bomb

Beautiful! If you don't subscribe to Trans Tasman you are a bloody idiot..

Labour’s so-called “neutron” bomb, designed to blow apart John Key’s bid to become PM, turned out to be a real fizzer. The plan, which had the active support of Labour’s hierarchy, was to indict Key as a main player in the notorious H-fee scam, which landed the failed Equiticorp’s boss Allan Hawkins in jail in 1992. Months of investigation culminating in Labour Party President Mike Williams flying to Melbourne to trawl through 11,000 pages of Court records ended in a dead-end, as former Serious Fraud Office boss Chas Sturt declared there was “not a scintilla” of evidence linking Key to the sham currency deal. National labelled Labour’s moves as “scraping the bottom of the barrel.” The extraordinary lengths Labour went to search records involved sending research unit staff, and then party president Mike Williams, to Melbourne, but when the effort blew up in their faces, party spokespeople suddenly switched off their phones, as the main culprits ran flat out from the scene.