Oct 24, 2008

Labour Support Collapses In Morgan Poll

The latest poll from Lord Mayor aspirant Gary Morgan's Roy Morgan Research has just been published. It contains very bad news for Labour. Labour drops 5.5 to 32%

The Greens are well up in the poll at 11.5%.

The poll was taken from 6-19 October. Most of this period was before the Greens announced their formal membership of the Axis.

Morgan comments as follows:

"The drift in their support to both the Opposition National Party (up 2.5% ) and the Greens (up 2.5% to a record high 11.5%) has handed the initiative back to the National Party.

“National Party leader John Key’s biggest challenge against a strong and experienced incumbent like Helen Clark has always been convincing New Zealanders he has the leadership skills and toughness to lead New Zealand through a period of international financial and economic turmoil.

“John Key impressed in last week’s leaders debate against Prime Minister Helen Clark and Key’s ability to stand up to Clark and present the case for a National Party Government enhanced his standing in the electorate and helped establish Key as the new leader New Zealand needs to lead it out of the current recession.”