Oct 30, 2008

Neutron Bomb Proves Fizzer

Not the headline that Helen Clark was hoping for in today's NZ Herald.

But it is worse, much worse. This bomb has not only fizzed for the media, we believe it has blown up in Labour's face.

We now have the image of a desperate Labour Party President and a team of researchers flying accross the Tasman to dig dirt, and the dirt they found turns out to be wrong. Pathetic.

No wonder Helen Clark is backtracking like crazy.

Prime Minister Helen Clark distanced herself, saying: "This is not a story I am handling at all."

And no wonder Peter Hodgson, the Minister deputed to take the flack was looking decidedly green around the gills when we saw him yesterday.

When looking back at why they lost this election so badly many in Labour will be wondering why Helen Clark didn't get rid of Mike Williams when she had the chance.

Well done NZ Herald

Here is the NZ Herald front page lead article....