Oct 31, 2008

NBR On Peters

Page 2 Opening Salvo

That beaming, best-dressed polly with the clear, adamant, defiant answers when his word was questioned suddenly moved from loveable rogue to ratbag caught with his pants down, and fibbing like a seven year old stuck up the neighbour's plum tree. The Winston saga has been the saddest thing to happen to New Zealand politics for a long time.

The guy we used to know for his so-called independence and staunch defence of the old and the poor was actually a bullshitter and an ugly one. A bad tempered and bullying one. Much worse than most of thenm clawing their way up the taxpayer funded, chauffeured limo, the free pad and the servants. Watching him trying yet again to explain away his dubious ministerial antics as our foreign minister is a pathethic sight.......

Somebody close to Winston should take him gently by the hand and lead him quietly off the stage.