Oct 29, 2008

Owen Glenn Voodoo Strikes Again

John Armstrong is hard hitting in today's NZ Herald

Further embarrassment heaped on Winston Peters. More worry and discomfort for Helen Clark. Further vindication for John Key.
The Owen Glenn voodoo strikes again. Just when Peters thought he had finally put Glenn behind him, the expatriate business tycoon returns to haunt him 10 days before the election.
Peters gave every impression during last month's privileges committee hearings that, as Foreign Minister, he had resisted Glenn's request to be appointed New Zealand's honorary consul to Monaco. Peters said it was never a runner; it was never going to happen.
It didn't happen. However, it now turns out from Ministry of Foreign Affairs documents that Peters was actually pushing hard for Glenn's appointment - against officials' advice.
Peters has been caught out. He cannot simply dismiss the papers as being "more stale than Colin Meads' football boots". Owen Glenn donated $100,000 to Peters and NZ First. Peters subsequently put Glenn's name forward for the Monaco appointment.