Oct 29, 2008

Key Showing Strong Leadership On Peters

This also from the Press

National leader John Key yesterday called Peters "a walking soap opera" and said he would not be distracted by having Peters in a Cabinet "bumbling from one saga to another".
He toughened his stance on Peters, saying in Christchurch that not only would he not have Peters in Cabinet, he would not even offer a policy concession in return for support on confidence and supply.
"I don't want to have a working relationship with Winston Peters and New Zealand First," Key said.
"I'm not going to have Winston Peters and his scandals constantly bogging us down."
Peters refuses to accept that a deal with National is not possible.
"I think that in a few days John Key will be working with anyone," Peters said.
Key said Peters was saying that simply to try to drum up votes.
"He's telling his voters that because he wants to give the impression that we are going to form a government with him. We're not," Key said.
Last night, TV3 released a poll showing that while 49 per cent of voters did not want Key to work with Peters under any circumstances,

Spot on John!