Oct 25, 2008

Similarities Between Clark, Thatcher And Howard

Fran O'Sullivan writes a cruel article in today's NZ Herald, not so subtly telling the PM that she has been in the job too long...

Helen Clark must feel she is catching a dose of the Thatchers - that political virus that engulfs outstanding leaders just when they come to believe no one else could possibly match them.
Such leaders - and Clark certainly is that - find it quite extraordinary when the political tide goes against them.
Australia's John Howard clung on far too long, instead of managing a transition to a successor while still holding office.
But although the ideological differences are stark, I believe Clark lines up more with the former British Prime Minister.
At her peak, the iron lady was unmatchable. No man in Margaret Thatcher's Cabinet could stand up to her (same as Clark).
Unlike Clark, Thatcher did not manage her Cabinet ministers by texting them commands from her cellphone. All Thatcher had to do was plonk her handbag on the Cabinet table, ministers got the message.