Oct 23, 2008

Strong Leadership Needed During Difficult Times

Jenni McManus shows some leadership in her opinion piece in today's The Independent - page 23 We quote a few paragraphs:

Foregt MMP this time around. Those who would squander their party vote on a minor party, such as one wanting to ban fizzy drinks in schools or with education policies that foster "participation, sustainability and peace", will likely to be the first to squeal if we deliver ourselves a government so paralysed by post-election horse-trading that it can't get on with the job of digging New Zealand out of recession.

Whoever is unlucky enough to become the Government on November 8 needs a clear mandate to introduce bold policies, take calculated risks and, most of all, implement its plan for restoring consumer and market confidence.

We will be the losers if the structure of the new Parliament forces the incoming Government into delays and argy-bargy of negotiating every initiative for fixing the inevitable job losses and company collapses.

The answer is simple. If you prefer one of the minor parties use your electorate vote. For your party votes, the proper choice is either National or Labour.

What we don't need is a steady pair of hands Prime Minister. Nor do we need timid economic policy. We need a PM with guts, brains and the leadership skills to pull New Zealand back from the brink.

We wonder who she is thinking of?