Oct 31, 2008

Audrey Young On Anderton/Peters Split

The NZ Herald's Audrey Young also covers the competition between Anderton and Peters

Progressive leader Jim Anderton made an unorthodox and brazen pitch to the elderly yesterday for New Zealand First voters to back him.
He made the bid on the basis that the New Zealand First leader Winston Peters might not be re-elected to Parliament after a series of inquiries into donations to his party.
Mr Anderton told Nelson Grey Power that many older New Zealanders had swapped their support between the pair of them.
They recognised that both had strong policy on the concerns of senior citizens, especially superannuation, healthcare and power costs.
"But you have to ask yourself whether you are sure New Zealand First will be back.
"Even if you think Mr Peters is completely vindicated, you will have to accept there is a chance he won't be returned.
"I think after nine terms, I will be."