Oct 29, 2008

Why Did The PM Not Act Sooner?

She knew about the link between the $100k and the diplomatic title as early as February.

From today's Dominion Post

Winston Peters instructed senior Foreign Affairs Ministry staff to investigate making billionaire Owen Glenn honorary consul to Monaco, raising doubts about his insistence Mr Glenn was not actively considered for the role.
Mr Peters scoffed at Mr Glenn's claims in February that he had been promised the largely ceremonial, but prestigious, post.
But papers made public under the Official Information Act show Mr Peters, the foreign affairs minister till he was stood down in August, told ministry chief Simon Murdoch in April last year that he wanted Mr Glenn appointed.
It is understood Prime Minister Helen Clark became so concerned about his lobbying that she ordered the ministry to refer any further approaches directly to her.
Her intervention came after Mr Glenn told her in February that he believed he had given money to NZ First. At that time, Mr Peters denied receiving cash from Mr Glenn and rubbished suggestions the expatriate shipping billionaire was in line for the Monaco post.