Oct 25, 2008

Constitutional Crisis Looming?

With two recent polls showing Labour hemorrhaging support to the Greens readers are asking interesting questions. What happens if both Labour and the Greens poll 20% on election night? Who will be the Leader of the Opposition? Labour or the Greens?

That is interesting. But we are more interested in some other scenarios.

What happens if the seven headed hydra becomes a reality? And with the Greens as the largest Party?

Who will the PM be? We can't have a joint PM can we? So will it be Jeanette or Comrade Norman?

Or will we have a joint PM? Will they both get the PM salary or will they have to split it? Will there be a Deputy PM in this circumstance? Maybe the PM and Deputy PM salaries could be pooled and divided in two.

But what happens at State banquets who is going to speak? The joint PMs? Who will foreign leaders meet when they visit? The PMs jointly? And what about APEC who will represent New Zealand? Will New Zealand be allowed 2 seats at the table instead of one?

The same questions about salary and speaking at banquets etc apply even if the seven headed Axis hydra does not win, but instead makes up the opposition, but with the Greens as the biggest Party - say the 21% to 19% scenario.

These are all interesting questions. Does a constitutional lawyer have any comments?