Oct 25, 2008

Good To See Bipartisanship Working, But...

Finance Minister Michael Cullen says that the release of the details of the Australian wholesale deposit guarantee scheme today will assist in finalising the details of the proposed New Zealand wholesale guarantee scheme.

"Officials and I will be working together over the weekend to determine whether the proposals that we have been developing need any refinement in light of the Australian scheme. "Once we have finalised details of our proposals, officials will undertake further discussions with the banks and others in the financial sector before final decisions are taken.

"I will ensure that National Party Deputy Leader and Finance Spokesman, Hon Bill English, also receives a briefing. It is anticipated that announcements will be made next week-end if at all possible while the New Zealand markets are closed.

Dr Cullen will be making no further media comment at this time.

And it is good that the banks will be consulted. But why do we have to wait until next weekend to finalsie things and announce them - dumb question. Next weekend is the final weekend before the election. Guess who is going to run this? The PM we bet. This needs some scrutiny from the MSM...