Oct 23, 2008

Singaporeans Born Light

How is Lockwood Smith's reporting of the views of grape growers on the size of Asian hands any different from a generalisation about the weight of Singaporeans? Is it OK for Winston to make insulting generalisations but not Lockwood? Oh, we forgot, Winston is part of the Axis. Read this from The Herald.

Winston Peters' apparent distaste for Asian immigration does not extend to Singaporean jockeys, who he says are usefully "born light".
The NZ First leader believes that immigrants can be used to solve New Zealand's jockey shortage.
He has even agreed to help Vickneswaran "Victor" Marigapan's fight to stay in the country.
Mr Peters said Singaporean jockeys would not be part of his proposed cuts to immigration numbers because they filled a "known, proven niche".
"It would be obvious as well that they are born light, that's why you'll find more of them the same way," he told a group of horse trainers yesterday.
Mr Peters subsequently criticised National Party immigration spokesman Lockwood Smith for his "extraordinary" comments that Asian seasonal workers were more productive at pruning because of their smaller hands.
Mr Peters said talking about Asian jockeys being "born light" was not the same.
"I don't know what Lockwood's dribbling on about. One is picking fruit and the other is an industry where to ride a horse you've got to be under a certain weight."