Oct 29, 2008

Don't Fall About Laughing

Labour has released its so called neutron bomb. Read all about on the Herald website. Once you have stopped laughing read on. It is a bit like the attempt to associate John Key with Merill Lynch's problems 8 years after he left the organisation.

But what is interesting is the collusion that this joke reveals about Labour and NZ First? How did Winston know that an attempt to smear John Key was in the wind? Because he is donkey deep in the muck raking? And it has all the hallmarks of someone who thinks that conspiracy theories have traction with the electorate.

So what is this about? It is about an attempt by the Labour President and Leader to distract attention away from the increasingly serious hard facts emerging over what Labour knew about Winston, and about Labour's own commitments to Owen Glenn over the money for honours scandal. Yes, Labour didn't give him the Consulship but they gave him a gong - is that alright with joe and jane average New Zealand? No bloody way.

If John Key is doing anything wrong by being employed by a company that also employed some people that did something wrong 20 years ago when he was 26 then our standards are slipping. John key was not involved in these transactions. So where is the problem?

This will be a good test of the media's objectivity and professionalism?

We think that Labour is about to see this blow up in their faces. Clearly they are panicking. If this is the best they can do we now know the election result.