Oct 18, 2008

18 Point Gap In Fairfax Poll

National 51% Labour 33%.

National + ACT + United = 53% (before re-distribution of the wasted NZ First vote)

Labour + Green + Maori = 42% (before re-distribution of the wasted NZ First vote)

Here is Tracy Watkin's take in the Dominion Post

Today's Fairfax Nielsen poll suggests voters have been largely unmoved by the rapidly unfolding events of recent weeks, including a worsening economic outlook in the wake of the international credit crisis, the big campaign launches on Sunday, the release of National and Labour's economic packages, and the first televised leaders' debate between Labour's Helen Clark and National's John Key.
The poll puts National on 51 per cent and Labour on 33 per cent - figures virtually unchanged from a month ago.
Only the Green Party makes it above the 5 per cent threshold for winning seats in Parliament, rising two points to 7 per cent.
The biggest change has been in the preferred prime minister ratings, with Miss Clark moving up five points to 35 per cent. Mr Key is down two points to 43 per cent.