Oct 4, 2008

Fran On Key

Fran O'Sullivan is today worried about the lack of detail from National on what it will do the keep the country out of economic crisis

Just 35 days out from an election in which Key will become Prime Minister - if the polls become reality - the National Leader has still not divulged his plan for preventing the economy heading for the knacker's yard.
National's private polling is telling its strategists that voters want to know now (not in December after Key gets to cobble together another coalition of the self-interested) whether he does indeed have a plan for New Zealand.
Or, whether he's just another vanilla politician who wants to sleepwalk to victory instead of telling us just
what hard calls his party would make to smash the big delusion that "everything's OK".

We kind of agree with Fran that more policy is needed, but we are not sure we fully understand what Labour will do.

From what we have heard of behind the scenes, in some areas anyway, detailed and very positive work is underway by some in National's team. We are unaware of Labour being similarly creative.

Lets see what happens Wednesday. What National will announce is as much a financial stimulus package as it will be a productivity enhancing tax relief package. Keynes is being dusted off from surprising bookshelves.....