Oct 4, 2008

Winston's Behavior Fails To Win Friends

The Herald reports the result of a focus group that has answered questions on Winston Peters' recent performance. It doesn't seem that the truth (that little that has been exposed) has helped him any.

The rest accused him of being hypocritical, playing the victim, undermining democracy, and proving "politicians are all the same", and one said he had to go.
A South Island panellist said, "I used to think he performed a useful role as a voice for the little guy. His true colours have now been revealed as a self-serving charlatan."
And from the upper North Island: "I voted for him once, now with deep regret as he has shown himself to be a very dishonest, manipulative, smarmy, smug, unprincipled rogue. He has no moral scruples, has lied, is abusive, rude, insulting to anyone who dares question his integrity."