Oct 17, 2008

Is NZTE Going To Share Its Award With MFAT?

We have to say emotions are mixed over NZTE's being named the best trade promotion agency in the "developed world". While everyone is pleased that NZTE has won this award, many around town wondered whether it might be a bit premature as the programmes that were cited as justifying the award are very much work in progress. NZTE is excellent at self-promotion, but is there real evidence that its programmes are really making a difference for exporters? We understand that Infometrics was commissioned to do a study on this point but we have yet to see the results published.

Concern about this award has risen this morning with an article on page 16 of the NBR which mentions that the judges of these awards also cited NZTE's promotion of Export Year 2007 and the signing of the FTA with China as important milestones. Neither of these two initiatives were led by NZTE and on China NZTE's involvement has been minimal on the negotiating front. It did, run some good roadshow events, however after the agreement was signed.