Oct 10, 2008

Government's Buy Kiwi Made Campaign Gets Slammed

And by the people it was meant to be helping. Looks like another $8 million plus has just been wasted. This from Stuff

Many clothing manufacturers and retailers are critical of the Government's $7.8 million Buy Kiwi Made campaign labelling its latest re-brand as unstylish and ineffective.
The Government rebranded the kiwi made scheme and invested in an advertising campaign featuring Oliver Driver last year.
One New Zealand manufacturer, who did not wish to be named, said the Buy Kiwi Made brand was a 'joke.'
"We're not wanting to get involved. Volumes are down, and so many factories have closed in the last few years."
A number of retailers spoken to said they had not noticed an increase in sales and felt they had not been consulted by the Government.
They also emphasised that the scheme needed to give consumers greater reasons to Buy Kiwi Made.
Swazi, a New Zealand outdoor clothing label, did not use the labelling as its general manager Sharee Harper said the new brand was "wishy-washy" and "quite a blur to me".
"It didn't actually say, 'if you buy New Zealand made you are keeping people in work here,'" she said.
Starfish clothing floor manager Rena Pishief agreed the labelling needed to be about more than just a triangle label with a kiwi on it.
"People are never going to buy into something if they don't know what they're buying into."
Starfish clothing uses its own labels to tell consumers the origins of the fabric and also whether the production was eco-friendly.
Mrs Pishief also said the government needed better consultation on what retailers want for the Kiwi made scheme.