Oct 5, 2008

You Read It First On The Hive

First you read about Hooton becoming a commie. Then today you heard about previously unknown links between Hooton and the Green Party. Then what happens? Hooton posts this! He wants all fellow commies to vote Green!

If you are left of centre but are appalled by a party which has:
corrupted most of our important public institutions, including even Police National Headquarters, as
informed sources can confirm;
been prepared to
prevent a group of New Zealanders from having access to the courts to test a property-rights claim;
stolen money from the taxpayer for their election campaigns and deliberately breached the campaign spending limit but then
passed retrospective legislation to legalise their own crimes; passed legislation designed to restrict the political activities of groups depending on their religious affiliations
improperly and unnecessarily destroyed over $2 billion of shareholder value purely for perceived political gain
supported Winston Peters through thick and thin
smeared anyone who disagrees with them or their tactics
and so on …
… then of course you will shift your vote from Labour to the Greens before election day.
I also have bets that the Greens will go above 10%, so - calling all lefties - please shift your vote to protect my bank balance.