Oct 7, 2008

Winston A Disgrace

His behavior towards One News' Jessica Mutch was disgraceful! Jessica must have had a very bad day, spending at least 4 hours delayed at Wellington Airport. And what happened when she got to her destination? Abuse from Winston Peters.

Why was Winston angry? Because One News has confirmed that he is the least trusted of our political leaders. Is anyone surprised that this serial liar is regarded in this way???

We know Jessica vaguely, but she has always seemed a thoroughly nice, down to earth person, without any driving ideology. We were sitting quite close to her for a while this morning. She was talking to a friend and a cameraman. It was a totally normal unpretentious conversation about vitamins and exercise regimes. She was offering very sensible advice to a friend and a colleague. There is no way that that she is part of any conspiracy, and there is no way that she is out to get Winston.