Oct 7, 2008

Tax Cuts Are Not Irresponsible

A number of commentators are suggesting that it would be irresponsible to continue with plans for further tax cuts. We disagree. What has been irresponsible has been the squandering of our wealth in the good times by the current Government. What have we got to show for the massive growth in government in recent years? Many more officials. Better paid officials. But is our health system delivering? Is education? We even have $600 million going to a Ministry that even Dr Cullen admitted yesterday didn't really need the money (but Winston wanted to be loved by his staff). We have $1 billion going to subsidise the insulation industry (Jeanette Fitzsimons has shares). And what about productivity? We have one of the worst productivity growth rates in the OECD.

We need change and we need change fast. Tax cuts are certainly an important part of the mix needed to kickstart growth in the economy.