Oct 2, 2008

September Statistics

We apologise to those readers who think that these posts are an ego trip. Actually they are provided to allow Tumeke to rank us accurately in the monthly blog rankings.

Our readership has shown substantial growth.

Our full monthly metrics for September were:

NZ Political Blog Rank #8 (last month #8)

Likely Tumeke Blog Rank Score 1,637 (1,035)

Alexa 3-Month Average Ranking 280,180 (320,121)

Alexa NZ Ranking 372 (502)

Technorati Rank 96,621 (86,853)

Technorati Authorities 68 (75)

Unique visits - 44,421 - 1,480 average a day (27,787)

Page views 74,100 (44,163)

Average Highest # of comments on a post 10

Number of posts 338 (78.86 per week)

Where do people read The Hive?

NZ 39,727
US 1,526
Aus 1,027
UK 418
HK 260

Last month we were read by all states in the US except Wyoming (Cheney country). This month we had one visit from Wyoming! California and New York have the largest readership. We had only 2 visits from Alaska.

Thank you for reading The Hive.