Oct 17, 2008

National Gets Real On Maori Seats

We are pleased that John Key has had the balls to admit that abolition of the Maori seats is no longer a bottom line issue for National. We are not National people and this issue has been one that has made us uncomfortable about National.

The Hive's view is that change with regard to Maori seats is an issue for Maori to resolve. If the Maori Party gets its act together - which it is showing the signs that it can - and corners more of the Maori Party vote, there may well come a time when Maori realise that they can do even better through the party vote than they do right now through winning electorate seats. But as there are continuing questions being asked about MMP then we think it best that the issue of the Maori seats be put to one side.

We hope that National continues to give priority to early resolution of all unresolved Treaty settlements.