Oct 8, 2008

McCain Wins

So says the the Kansas City Star

Give John McCain credit: He went on the attack Tuesday night and narrowly won the second presidential debate.
No wonder McCain likes the town hall debate forum: McCain was more forceful, more pointed and more opinionated during almost the entire debate.
Overall, though, the debate broke no new ground, produced no large gaffes and stained Tom Brokaw reputation. He couldn't keep the debate focused at all.
During the meeting, McCain got in sharply worded responses to practically anything Barack Obama brought up -- on energy, on health care, on world affairs.
By contrast, Obama -- while having some strong stances -- never seemed to gain his footing. He looked uncomfortable during much of the town hall meeting.
The GOP candidate didn't back down once when Obama said he was going to set the record straight.
Instead, McCain was constantly bringing up information to rebut what Obama was saying.
So McCain narrowly wins, for what that will be worth in the coming polls.