Oct 22, 2008

The Lockwood Smith Thing

We posted on the Lockwood Smith beat up earlier on today and asked readers to listen to the audio.

We did not share our view but we do now.

This is an issue that raises serious questions about the professionalism and integrity of New Zealand journalism. Lets dismiss the partisan rubbish from Trevor Mallard.

Lockwood Smith is clearly relating views that he has had passed on from growers, yet they are being portrayed as being his views. And why did Lockwood make these comments? Because he was wanting to improve a system that needs improvement for it to deliver what the benefits that were intended for the economy.

As for One News tonight - that was pretty bad.

So lets all get over this. Smith has apologised. No offence was intended. Lockwood is no anti-Asian. He has done more to further relations with Asia than most.

And once this all blows over, lets not forget that the seasonal employment programme needs some work done to it. We are on record as supporting this scheme. But we can always make it better.