Oct 12, 2008

Labour Far More Substantive Than National??

Guyon says so.

So what is the substance? A deposit guarantee scheme. Has National opposed this? But it is a bit difficult for National to deliver this when they are not Government. For the record we support the Government fully in making this announcement. We had people last week actually removing all their deposits from their bank and sticking the cash under the mattress. That is not healthy.

Labour announced some undefined plans beyond guaranteeing deposits. The new retraining allowance interested us enormously. Does someone know what we know about the HUGE jump in unemployment???

We agree fully with the emphasis on infrastructure spend. But we heard the same from Key. Key also stated a determination to keep cutting taxes, and improving the quality of Government spending. With Government expenditure at something like 43% of GDP this is not too bad an idea if we want to grow productivity across the economy.

Frankly we don't think either party has responded with the leadership we have been calling for, but we dispute Guyon's characterisation. We call it a tie.