Oct 14, 2008

Is The Launch Of The Victoria University International Leadership Programme The Time For A Party Political Speech?

That was the question even the lefties were asking after Phil Goff's performance this afternoon. The Hive team were a little surprised, but what the hell it is the election campaign. The only thing that really worried us was the subliminal anti-American message, a message that we know Goff doesn't really believe in, but he does feel the need to deliver to keep the left of the party happy.

We realise that Phil's heart isn't in it, but given that Labour still has a 20% chance of being the next government, we would not be allowing anything to complicate the Trans Pac negotiation if we were Phil. Some things are more important than politics. That negotiation is one of them.

This is a great programme introduced by VUW. We wish the participants all the best.