Oct 12, 2008

An Important Day

It started in an interesting way for us. QB has figured out who the anonymous commenter is who called us gutless wonders yesterday. It is in fact a very smart bird (of the feathered variety) who has carried the level of hatred beyond the key pad. This morning anonymous was sitting with some friends on a wire above the footpath and shat on QB's head as QB was walking up the road to buy the Herald on Sunday. Warning anonymous - QB has two cats who have just been re-tasked from rodents to incontinent birds.

We have Hooton v. Peters as story that has made the Herald on Sunday. 1130 on TVNZ.

We have ACT, National and Labour launching their election campaigns. Both Key and Clark are going to be outlining what leadership they are going to be showing on the international financial crisis.

And then we have One News releasing its latest poll. Will it confirm a trend of a closing gap or will it be calling into question the accuracy of the Morgan Poll?? We shall see.