Oct 19, 2008


The Editorial in today's Herald on Sunday does not make pretty reading for Labour supporters (other thsn those wanting to have Phil Goff asap after the election)

Clark added to his advantage in the debate and in post-match analysis with several needless cracks. The inexplicable "You might be used to shouting people down at home, but you're not shouting me down" had an ugly undertone, particularly given that it was delivered in a full-throated roar. The insinuation, even if it was unintended, that Key was some sort of tyrant in his domestic life was gratuitous to say the least.
The next day, after most commentators had found that Key had won the debate on points, Clark made matters worse by blaming the ref, accusing the National leader of "having a tantrum" and then saying he benefited from exceeding low expectations and "the fact that he didn't collapse with a stress attack on the set probably gave him marks". Beside those petty and personal attacks, Key's comment that he would leave it to viewers to decide how he'd performed looked positively statesmanlike - the last thing Labour needed to happen.