Oct 11, 2008


We remind readers of our comments rules. This is our blog and we will exercise the right to enforce these rules. With the exception of Winston we encourage you to debate the issues not the people. We are not the slightest bit interested in discussions about anyone's sexuality. And if you abuse us we will either leave or delete depending on our mood at the time. But don't abuse others. Go comment on their blogs or write to them direct.

This week a totally unfair comment on the Governor of the Reserve Bank was deleted (sorry it took so long but it was a busy day and sometimes the team cannot monitor the blog for some hours). And today we deleted an abusive comment because it was abusing quite a few people, none of whom was Winston Peters.

Our policy is far more liberal than that on Winston Peters' blog. And we want to keep it so.

We don't want to have to moderate the comments before they get posted (as Winston does). But if people keep ignoring the rules we will either do that or go back to complete removal of the function.

As readers will have noted we do take full account of all criticism and encourage it so long as the intent is constructive. We want to keep offering a better service.