Oct 5, 2008

A Clipping Service Not A Blog?

Thanks to Technorati we discovered a post on a blog we have never seen before, or heard of before, attacking The Hive and Queen Bee. It seems that the person or persons involved might have been involved in, or fans of, the late Kiwiblogblog. Clearly something we said about Kiwiblogblog has got under their skin as aside from this blog post, a number of comments have been left on The Hive about something we said about Kiwiblogblog. We do recall two posts about Kiwiblogblog. In one we noted that Kiwiblogblog was questioning our influence when it was but one rank above us in the Tumeke blog rankings (with a lower Alexa global and NZ rating than we had) and the following month we recall leaving Kiwiblogblog in the dust in these same rankings. We might have expressed some pleasure at this development.

Anyway Backin15 doesn't think we are a blog. Instead we are a clipping service interested "in developing blog-channels back to the MSM, not in providing some new insights for the blogosphere."

We are also "a slightly toned down version of the run of the mill right-wing attack site. The language is more muted and the editorial line less didactic but the focus is no different."

Thanks for the review Backin15. We take these comments seriously and will strive to keep standards higher and provide some genuine insights (we think we do, but will try harder). Poneke has made similar comments which we have also taken on board. We are a little bemused by the title to your title Backin15. "Chastened Not Chaste". Were you somehow listening in to our discussion the other day with a fellow blogger over his lack of political dedication by having sex (several times already) before the election campaign is over? Queen Bee in contrast is refusing to allow anything to distract from the task at hand, and will certainly be remaining chaste until the new Cabinet is sworn in after the election!