Oct 21, 2008

Axis Of Boll Weevil

The regular comentator anonymous posted this comment earlier today under the post on NZ First's adoption of a far right economic agenda.

We thought it so good that it was worth a post in its own right.

Just as the Boll Weevil (anatomical name: Anthonomus grandis) destroyed much of the trade and industry of the American south as it gnawed its way verociously through the region in the 1920s, the Axis of Boll Weevil (anatomical name: the Clark-Winston-Russel Norman/Jeanette/Jim Anderton alliance) would pretty much achieve the same thing in NZ.

Even before it comes to pass, we can see the internal conflicts on full display: one of Axis potential leaders (Winston) urging privatisation of Kiwibank while another (Jim) describing co-leader Winston as a "serial asset seller".

If we don’t have a National led Govt, NZ had better get used to this, or do what enterprising Southern Americans did - move out (North); in our case - West across the Tasman.

The only people who should rationally vote labour, Greens, Progressives or Winston (and it really does not matter which they vote for since they will all end up in the same mix) are political journalists with savings accounts in Australian dollars and children at schools studying qualifications that are recognised internationally. They will have a fascinating time reporting on the politics of such a so-called 'Government' struggling with a deeply difficult economic situation.