Oct 13, 2008

Another Wake Up Call For National

You can't sleepwalk to victory guys and gals. This from Audrey Young

The first person I ran into in Wellington this morning after getting back from Labour and National's campaign launches in Auckland was Finance Minister Michael Cullen. He was on his way to the Radio New Zealand studios on The Terrace for a debate with his Nation counterpart, Bill English.
Cullen had a bounce in his stride as well he might after Labour's launch and its coupling with the Government's plans to confront global recession.
If you had arrived in Auckland from another planet and gone to both launches, you'd probably have thought that National was the tired old Government and that Labour was the fresh invigorated party on the brink of power.
It was that stark: dull vs energised.
Cullen was also the clear winner on the radio debate. It is possible that English didn't have adequate answers because the party has not yet released all of its economic package or it might be that he is not explaining his policies well enough.