Nov 3, 2008

Winston's Helicopter Bluster Come Back To Bite

How did you interpret this?

"Let me ask you this question: Who would be campaigning from a helicopter unless they're going on a deer stalking expedition?" Mr Peters thundered on TVNZ's Agenda programme yesterday.
"Have you seen me flying around in helicopters?" he went on.
"I'm asking you to use your intelligence and your memory: do you recall me flying around in helicopters in any campaign?
"Let's have some sense, some sanity here.
"Which politician worldwide would campaign from a helicopter. Don't be so stupid."

This was Winston's reaction to the story about him demanding a helicopter from Vela in 1999.

Well we knew about him using helicopters in 2005, but what if there was photographic evidence from 1999 of Winston about to get into a helicopter? That would look as though once again Winston has sought to mislead us.

Well by chance the Dominion Post has been given a copy of just such a photo by former NZ First candidate Gray Eatwell, and it is proudly displayed on page A2 of today's paper. It appears above and here is the article that goes with the story....
Can anyone identify the helicopter? It displays the letters "HFV" under the rotor.