Nov 7, 2008

Were The Greens Also Behind The Spy??

What do denials sometimes mean in politics? This from today's Dominion Post

Mr Keizer said his sister's partner Stephen Day, who works as an adviser for the Green Party at Parliament, had nothing to do with his actions.
Green Party co-leaders Jeanette Fitzsimons and Russel Norman moved quickly yesterday to distance themselves from Mr Keizer's activities.
"The Green Party believes in transparency and honesty. We do not condone the secret taping of private conversations," they said.

Post election we want a full enquiry launched into the Green Party's links with international environmental groups, funding sources, and the pursuit of "the green agenda" to make this economy less competitive internationally. The media might like to start on this now.

Expect more of these desperate tactics from the Labour/Green Axis unless there is leadership change within the Labour Party. It must be very hard for Phil Goff and Lianne Dalziel to campaign this election.