Nov 7, 2008

Roy Morgan Continue To Seek The Headlines?

Make your own minds up. Roy Morgan has once again produced a poll that is running counter to the trends that others are showing. We are sure that it is just a factor of methodology, but others are less charitable.

Should you be interested you can read the full result here.

Here is the summary:

On the eve of the 2008 Election the New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows National Party support at 42% (down 1%), a 7.5% lead over the Labour Party at 34.5% (up 2.5%).
The MMP system used to elect Parliament means the next Government is likely to be a Coalition led by the National Party with support from ACT NZ, United Future and perhaps the Maori Party. The alternative is a Labour Party led Coalition with support from the Greens, NZ First and the Maori Party.
Support for the Greens 10% (down 1.5%) is near its record high of 11.5%, while support for NZ First is 4.5% (unchanged), ACT NZ 4% (up 0.5%), the Maori Party 2.5% (unchanged), United Future 1% (up 0.5%) and Others and Independents 1.5% (down 0.5%).
Roy Morgan New Zealand Consumer Confidence Rating (98.3 points, up 1.3 points) has risen slightly after the RBNZ cut interest rates by 1% to 6.5%.