Nov 6, 2008

National Well Ahead In Economic Leadership Poll

Apologies for false alarm over DigiPoll this morning. The instruction to put up today's DigiPoll Survey was clearly not undestood clearly (this is what happens when one has to do these things on a voluntary basis).

What should have been put up is the DigiPoll Survey on economic leadership from today's NZ Herald.

National is a clear favourite to best steer the economy through an international downturn, according to a new Herald-DigiPoll survey taken just days out from the election.
The economy is at the forefront of voters' minds - ranking well ahead of other issues such as law and order, leadership and tax cuts as the issue most likely to influence votes on Saturday.
When asked whether a Labour-led government or a National-led one would better handle the New Zealand economy as the world faces a downturn, 49.6 per cent of respondents gave John Key's party their support.
Helen Clark's Labour was behind on 40.7 per cent - an 8.9-point gap that is not enormous but is larger than what has been seen in some earlier polls that have asked the same or a similar question. The rest - 9.7 per cent - either didn't know or refused to answer the question.