Nov 6, 2008

Who Is New Zealand's Karl Rove??

Well, we know David Farrar aspires to the title, but one of the avid readers over at the The Standard, someone called Vinsin has commented today in a way that suggests Farrar is deluding himself.

"True. Cameron Slater is the Karl Rove of NZ politics. On a side note, and i hope i don’t get burnt for this but I need your help Standardista’s....."

So instead of Farrar this avid reader of The Standard suggests that none other than Whaleoil is New Zealand's Karl Rove.

We are not sure that we agree with either of these names. Labour's campaign strategist for this election is Helen Clark. Nothing happens in this campaign that she doesn't know about or orchestrate. If she manages to win on Saturday, then sorry, Whale and Farrar - Helen will be New Zealand's Karl Rove - she will have pulled off the near impossible!!