Nov 8, 2008

Are We Taking Enough Advantage Of The Opportunities Offered By China?

Nick Churchouse has anticle looking at the opportunities he saw on a recent visit to China in today's Dominion Post.

Nick sees the opportunites as bottomless. We agree. And we are not sure that we have the right strategy.

China is a bottomless well of opportunity for Kiwi exporters, reports Nick Churchouse.
You have only to fly into Shanghai's Pudong Airport to understand the true meaning of scale.
A third runway and second terminal completed in March give the airport about 1.5 million square metres of tarmac.
From there it is 90 minutes by car into the central city, through an urban ocean that is home to 19 million people. A short distance from Shanghai is the rural municipality of Chongqing, encompassing 31 million people, in itself larger than 83 per cent of the countries on the planet.
For New Zealand exporters, China is a bottomless well of opportunity. As the first developed country in the world to establish a free trade agreement with the vast nation, there is a lot of hope.