Nov 9, 2008

Titbits From Auckland

gbJust back in from a day in Auckland. Spent most of the day exploring views in west Auckland - the new battleground in New Zealand politics. We talked to a few people in and around both Labour and National.

Goff/Street was the most common take on the Labour leadership contest. One commentator suggested that Cunliffe realises that winning a general election might be beyond him, so he doesn't want to put his hat in the ring. Several commented on his relative under performance in his New Lynn seat this time around.

On the National side, there seemed strong support for involving the Maori Party in some way in government. Intensive talks with other parties are due over the next day or so with the new Cabinet line-up perhaps being announced as early as Wednesday.

John Key is keen to go to APEC. This would mean that we will need a very speedy transition. We would have thought that this would suit Labour and PM Clark fine.