Nov 5, 2008

We Join Some Dots

OK, the media don't want to go there so we will.

We think an enquiry needs to be launched into the effectiveness of our intelligence services and possible infiltration of New Zealand political parties by operatives of either foreign intelligence services or foreign environmental groups tasked with economic sabotage. This is, we believe the real story behind what is going on.
  • First we have the very strange interception of theft of Don Brash's e-mails and their being given to Nicky Hager;
  • We have well known links between Mr Hager and activists in Europe, activists who have been well infiltrated by European intelligence services;
  • We have an employee of the European Commission move into Winston Peters' office and within months NZ First changes its position on the Emissions Trading Scheme;
  • We have a Dutch citizen undertake a covert operation on the National Party Conference, ask leading questions, tape the answers, and leak these to the NZ media and Labour Party. The intent has clearly been to damage National's image;
  • Have a look at this Dutch citizen's recent "holiday" and who he met with on that holiday.
  • We have Greenpeace launch attach after attack on dairying in New Zealand and perpetrating the lie that unless we don't pass the ETS European consumers won't buy NZ product;
  • The Green Party are running a similar mantra. Labour won't take them on, but thank goodness Jim Anderton does. Then what happens? News of a large donation to Jim Anderton from forestry interests gets leaked around town.
  • We have huge funding from the Netherlands into Greenpeace;
  • The Netherlands has a strong dairy trade interests.

What is this all about? Well with Europe it is usually about dairy.

Why would European Governments be so keen to keep Labour in power? Because the ETS is the key to their strategy to render the New Zealand dairy sector less competitive. National has signalled changes to the ETS and has mentioned dairy as one of the potential changes. If National win, the EU plan to neutralise the NZ dairy sector will be thwarted.

Why would the EU want to get rid of Don Brash? He was openly sceptical on climate change and very pro-US. There are forces in the EU that don't like the warming in relations between Washington and Wellington. The last thing they want is our dairy sector to get an FTA with the US.

Do Labour know this is going on? No, but they don't want to have these questions asked because the outcome of the election might be swayed by the Dutch citizen's taping operation. Likewise Labour needs people to believe that the ETS is important to secure our trade, otherwise Labour will have been seen to have committed an enormous stuff up.

Maybe TV3 should ask itself a question. Might the above be true, and might they have been manipulated?