Nov 20, 2008

Best Post?

A couple of readers have asked us to nominate the post that had the biggest impact. There were several but we were proud of this one from 18 December 2007 - Peter Dunne changed his position on the EFA the day it came out, and it wasn't a bad prediction on what happened 11 months later:

Dec 18, 2007

Has The Next Government Already Been Formed?
Who is opposing the Electoral Finance Bill? - National, Maori, Act.

Who is raising serious questions about the emissions trading law? - National, Maori, Act.

Have Labour's tacticians maybe blundered and forged what had previously been thought to be an unlikely alliance? - Maybe.

Might Peter Dunne be risking three years completely out in the cold if he goes ahead and supports the Electoral Finance Bill today? - Yes.

Posted by Queen Bee at 8:18 AM