Nov 6, 2008

Is It All Over Rover?

That is what John Amstrong says in today's NZ Herald. Only a miracle can save Labour now....

It feels like it is all over, red rover.
The shouting won't stop completely until campaigning has to come to a halt tomorrow evening. But rarely has the final week of an election campaign been so flat and devoid of any sense of a fight. Rarely has it seemed as if everyone is now merely going through the motions until Saturday finally rolls around.
That was the case before the last act of the American presidential election relegated its New Zealand counterpart way down yesterday's news bulletins.
The feeling of fait accompli was apparent before today's Herald-DigiPoll survey, which has a clear majority of voters rating a National-led Government as better equipped than Labour to handle the economy, with even more voters thinking National is going the win the election.
The prevailing mood was summed up by a reporter's question to John Key yesterday: Did he sense a landslide? The reporter wasn't talking about a Labour one.
Key wisely declined to take the bait.