Nov 7, 2008

The Next 24 Hours

The Hive will take a rest from NZ politics in the next few minutes until just past 1900 tomorrow evening. We plan some posts tomorrow on US politics, on Taiwan, on the DPRK and maybe some other topics external to our borders.

We will be blogging live from 1900 tomorrow until we know the final result in the election.

Who is going to win?

Well maybe we should leave the last word to our taxi driver tonight. He thought that there will be a landslide to National/ACT.

Why we asked?

He said that his customers were really angry about the following things:
  • $800,000 on the pledge card;
  • Retrospective legislation;
  • The eelectoral finance act;
  • ETS and all these lies about carbon footprint;
  • Labour's support for Winston Peters.

He also thought that Labour would not be able to manage an alliance of many parties pulling in all directions. This worried him because we need to borrow money from the world. Why would the world lend to an unstable country with anti- business policies? Who else is applying an ETS to all sectors and all gases?

We thanked our driver for the ride and gave him a bit of a tip....He understands NZ politics very well.

Vote wisely New Zealand.

Back on line tomorrow middayish with international coverage. Election results from 1900.