Nov 9, 2008

Huge Inroads Into Cunliffe's Lead - And He Lost The Crucial Party Vote

Those touting David Cunliffe as Labour's great white hope should look at the detail of last night's results.

Cunliffe, as a result of boundary changes had a majority of 11,936 - the biggest in the country in 2005. Last night it was cut to around 3,400. Who by? The policy wonk Tim Groser. Groser also managed to win the party vote for National - 12,634 to 12,221.

What does that say? OK Groser must have campaigned well. But it also suggests that Cunliffe is not as well loved by the Labour faithful as some suggest.

By comparison Annette King had a huge win of Finlayson - 17,204 to 9,358 and Goff won 16,350 to 10,793. King kept Rongotai voting Labour on the party vote also - 14,006 to 10,396. Goff narrowly lost the party vote to National 12,578 to 12,429.