Nov 4, 2008

Feds Release Election Manifesto

Federated Farmers have today released an election manifesto - for some reason the release has occurred at Wellington Railway Station.

Here is the Dominion Post summary

Federated Farmers issues today a long wishlist of policies it wants the political parties to heed.
Top of the list, according to president Don Nicolson, is to recognise the vital part agriculture plays in New Zealand's economic prosperity. "Unfortunately, only lip service has been paid to it for many years."
Agriculture had weathered the aspirations of politicians dating back to the Think Big projects of the 1970s, the financial reforms of the 80s, and the knowledge wave of the 90s. "We've got so much more efficient since we were cut loose of subsidies in the 1980s but that efficiency has been largely unrecognised."
The current push was for greater sustainability, led by the emissions trading scheme. "We've said all along we don't want to be ahead of our key trading partners in implementing this, but we haven't been listened to."
The Climate Change Response (Emissions Trading) Amendment Act was deeply flawed, with unintended consequences yet to become apparent, he said.
The Resource Management Act was part of an increased compliance burden that included local body rating and ACC levies.
The federation wants farmers compensated for restrictions imposed on their land use. "Without compensation we are going to be continually battling people who want to have a say on our business. I call it maintaining authority over property, and it is the highest tenet we can have."
Other policies called for more water dams, lower and flatter taxes, less government and a more agriculture-friendly immigration service.