Nov 4, 2008

Clark Formally Seeking To Mop Up NZ First Votes

The Dominion Post reports what some of us have been suggesting for some months. helen Clark's strategy has been to canabalise the NZ First vote:

Helen Clark has admitted for the first time that NZ First is in trouble - a clear signal to its supporters not to waste their votes.
With the election now just days away, the prime minister has conceded that NZ First and leader Winston Peters will struggle to make it back into Parliament.
If Labour picked up some of NZ First's current support of 2 per cent or 3 per cent, it could be enough to make a difference in a tight race.
But National is also on the hunt for NZ First votes. National leader John Key is in Tauranga today, where fresh polls show Mr Peters has little chance of taking back the seat he lost in 2005.
On a Sky News debate, Miss Clark noted several times that NZ First may not be back in Parliament - and yesterday acknowledged it was facing "a tough fight". "I think everyone's reluctant to draw firm conclusions but obviously it's looking tough."
She also moved yesterday to anoint the Greens as her preferred partner - a prospect that would make any deal with NZ First, even if it does return, difficult.
"The Greens have waited a long time to be in Government. Their time is here," Miss Clark said.
The Green Party also increased the pressure on NZ First, ruling out sitting around a Cabinet table with Mr Peters till the latest allegations surrounding him had been investigated. Three years ago, Mr Peters vetoed the Greens playing any role in government.