Jun 28, 2008

WTO: The High Stakes Game

Those who like playing poker should be watching the WTO right now. Is Lamy bluffing? What does he have in his hand?

The commentators and key Governments appear on his side. They recognise this is risky move, but they are largely supportive.

The Hive is a bit worried about the emphasis on Chair texts. For this to work Pascal,we think you need to produce YOUR text (which by the way Sarko will find a bit more difficult to white ant than a text produced by anyone else...). Take things away from the Chairs and have your own go at the final deal. We need far fewer square brackets on NAMA. Set out the deal you see achievable on agriculture. And rewrite services so that there is something there for the US, EU and India.

We agree also that you must have a plan "B". Failure is not an option. We need something for McCain to revive next year should the July Ministerial fail.

This is a summary of reactions from today's Guardian.